Humanizing Chefs: RJ Shover

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2 min readNov 15, 2023

Name — Dick Shover (depending on the circumstances)

Where do you Cook? — generally in kitchens or outdoors

Where are you from originally? — the boonies of maryland

Favorite Food(s) — carbohydrates, veggies, dairy products, fermented foods

Favorite Chef(s) — francis mallmann, anthony bourdain , sherman dudley , magnus nilsson, Russell moore

Favorite Cincy Restaurant(s) (Past or Present) — umm kinda new here so idk , im open to suggestions. 13th street philly was on point (rip)

Favorite Food Memory or Meal — Doritos and caviar for free on a rooftop in Cleveland is up there, anything made outta love

I first knew I wanted to be a chef when — I realized i was not going to be able to function in any other career path

If I weren’t a chef, I would be — a microbiologist or somthing

My first job was — bubbs jewish deli

Why I love my job, in three words — keeps me humble

If I could have dinner with anyone, past or present, it would be — the first person to try an oyster

My favorite book is — so many… probably what ever cook book is on my night stand atm

Favorite thing to cook after a busy service — my brain with illicit substances

Favorite Movie(s) — soo manyyy … the lone wolf and cub series is solid

Favorite TV show(s) — meh

Favorite Song(s) — sooooo mannnnnyyyyyy

Favorite Band or Musician — lately alot of surf rock and trap

Favorite Place to travel — to poor to travel

Favorite Hobby(s) — making moldy things taste good

Favorite Quote — “they gone love it” chef willie harris

Biggest pet peeve — dragging feet , unsolicited cooking advice, and people with large egos

Your motivational quote for other cooks/chefs — david chang’s 33 rules to becoming a chef look it up…

My advice to future culinary pros -be open to learning and always bring what you’ve learned from other aspects of life into the kitchen



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