Humanizing Chefs: Paul Montgomery

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2 min readSep 26, 2023

Name — Paul Montgomery

Where do you Cook? — Pig Candy BBQ

Where are you from originally? — Middletown, Oh

Favorite Food(s) — Any cuisine done well.

Favorite Chef(s) — Culinary Rogue Chef Luke Trinosky! Chef Martin Yan

Favorite Cincy Restaurant(s) (Past or Present) — Sotto. I miss Maribelle’s Brunch

Favorite Food Memory or Meal — 7 Course at Boca in Oakley

I first knew I wanted to be a chef when — Still don’t know.

If I weren’t a chef, I would be — so much more relaxed

My first job was — Cooking at The Jug in Middletown

Why I love my job, in three words — We Give a shit (sorry that’s 4)

If I could have dinner with anyone, past or present, it would be — Elvis Aaron Presley, Bruce Campbell

My favorite book is — Who has time to read?! Was a scary novel fanboy in my teens & early 20s

Favorite thing to cook after a busy service — Any variation of a grilled cheese

Favorite Movie(s) — Raising Arizona, Raid 2, Army of Darkness

Favorite TV show(s) — Always Sunny, Letterkenny

Favorite Song(s) — Return to the Moon (El Vy)

Favorite Band or Musician — The National. In the kitchen it’s hair bands, americana, outlaw country, or 90’s rap

Favorite Place to travel — Anywhere with a view

Favorite Hobby(s) — BBQ, Shooting, Bourbon hunting, Motorcycles

Favorite Quote — The less you say now the less you have to apologize for later..

Biggest pet peeve — Nonchalance around the work place

Your motivational quote for other cooks/chefs — It’s ok to play with your food. “If Yan can cook, so can you, zai jian!”

My advice to future culinary pros — Give a shit! Earn it!



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